Chinese performance artist Shaw Xu Zhifeng wanted to do a performance in The Hague, as a follow-up on his earlier walk in Shanghai. For his project “Look, through me”, Shaw carries a UPS battery powered TFT screen on his back which displays a live feed from a surveillance camera which is attached to his chest. Disguised as a shopper he walked from “Plein” to “Grote Markt” in The Hague, so the people that were shopping there could literally see through him.

He couldn’t take his portable video setup and battery on the plane, so he was looking for a replacement setup that had the same functionality as the gear he used in China. Over the years we have put together a prototyping toolkit, which consists of many different types of equipment, computer hardware and consumer electronics. Normally we use these of the shelf components to build quick mock-ups or proof-of-concepts for projects, but in this case we were happy to supply Shaw with the required equipment for his portable video setup.