Amsterdam based advertising agency Natwerk contacted us because they came up with a crazy idea to promote the new “Tested on Animals” headphones from Philips / O’neill. They needed us to build an entire test lab for two trucks that were going to visit various funsports events in the EU and USA. Based on their input we designed and built a complete interior for the shipping containers that would be mounted on top of the trucks.

For each truck we made 2 custom display cases that featured stainless steel pegs, so the capabilities of their flagship headphone model, “The Stretch” could be demonstrated perfectly.

Users had to step into the test tube and put on a pair of TOA headphones before the test ride could begin. This test tube features a movable hydraulic floor, 3 flat screen TV’s, wind turbines and a DSLR camera to take a picture of the test subjects when the ride was successfully completed. These pictures were automatically uploaded to Facebook by a custom Adobe AIR application that we developed.

During the test-sequence the people would see an abstract 3D animated boarding experience featuring digital waves, mountains and glitchy artifacts. A catchy drum and bass track was played over the TOA headphones. The side of the test tube was equipped with a huge Philips 21:9 cinema LED TV. The complete interior was constructed from aluminum Item extrusions, a flexible modular building system that has a distinct “test lab” look and feel.