Dutch designer Sebastian Brajkovic contacted us because he required some assistance with a custom LED setup for his new Lathe Lamps series. The LED setup needed to be very bright (enough to light up a room), fully dimmable and suitable for 110v & 220v mains power, because the lamps are sold to a world wide audience.

Gallery picture courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery, which is Sebastian’s exclusive representative.

We started by developing a couple of prototypes, with various power supply setups and LED’s from different suppliers. When it became clear which setup was best suitable we designed a custom PCB with aluminum core, a so called IMS PCB (Insulated Metal Substrate). The metal substrate helps to keep the high power LED’s cool since it doubles as a big heat sink. The surface mount LED’s and connectors were added via a process called “reflow soldering”. We also provided final assembly of the lamps, power supplies and the custom made cord dimmers.